Apollo Standard Metal Gobo

The design of a metal gobo is laser cut out of stainless steel allowing light to shine through and project a white pattern on the surface. A color filter can be added to the fixture if color is desired.

Metal gobos require “bridging” which are very small lines that connect the internal structure of letters and designs. If bridging is not added, enclosed areas, such as the inside of the letter “O”, would fall out. It’s like carving a pumpkin.

Product Information

Apollo Steel Gobos made from 8 mil stainless steel with a high level of nickel and chromium. This type of steel produces a very durable gobo with fine detail image and a long lifeMetal Gobo Features

Material8 mil Stainless Steel
Longevity1100+ Hours
ColorBlack & White
BezelNot Included
    1. Longevity is affected by many factors including; fixture, usage, environment, pattern and other factors. Hours are not guaranteed.
    2. Verify fixture size prior to placing any order.

Manufacturer Info

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