Olden lighting offers a large selection of sales equipment.  Olden is a dealer for a wide array of lighting vendors that we believe provides quality products that will serve our clients for the long- term. Equipment ranges from lighting fixtures, dimmers, power distribution, rigging accessories and much more.  Look at our list of dealers to see if we can help serve your needs.  As the lighting world expands and evolves so does our relationships with manufacturers in the lighting world.

Additionally, we have a large selection of expendables to choose from.   See below for a list of some of our options.


Olden Lighting Provides a large inventory of expendable which serves as a one-stop-shop anyone needing to purchase his or her consumables quickly.  We offer tape, gel, gobos, lamps, duvateen, blackwrap, tieline and much more.   If you are having problems findings what you are looking for, please contact us. 



Tape is an absolute in theatrical, film and video Camera and Gaffer tapes are made from a vinyl filled cotton cloth material. We have various widths of gaff,glo tape, paper tape, electrical tape..etc.

Pricing: Varies by product


Plastic filters inserted into a frame on the front of a fixture which can serve as color or color correction. They are extremely cost effective, temporary with endless color options.  Our inventory of Gel comes in sheets or rolls offered by several manufacturers.  

Pricing: Varies by product


Known as patterns or templates, are either metal or glass discs which can be inserted into ellipsoidal fixtures to project the image or texture on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. Olden Lighting keeps a fully stocked inventory of existing gobo designs, or you can submit your own design.

Pricing: Varies by product


We carry a large assortment of lamps for theater, TV/film, and moving light fixtures.  We also have the ability to special order other, less common lamps.

Pricing: Varies by product