X Laser Caliente RGB 700

The X-Laser Caliente RGB700 answers the call for affordable, high-powered, RGB aerial laser systems. The Caliente RGB700 boasts the maximum power possible in FDA laser Class 3B and features massive, full-color laser power to cover even the largest spaces. Red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta and white laser beams combine with more than 100 built-in laser patterns, and the Caliente RGB700 gives you full control via DMX to create stunning laser shows.

Product Description

The new X-Laser Caliente RGB finally answers the call for affordable, high powered full color aerial laser systems. Using a beautiful 470nm aqua blue, a deep crimson red and a punchy 50mW emerald green, The Caliente RGB boasts 350mW of full color laser power, all of the control options of the Caliente 300 and can even color mix to make yellow, white, magenta and cyan. With built in color macros accessible by DMX and dozens of high quality aerial patterns the Caliente RGB will be a huge upgrade to your current laser systems with the peace of mind of X-Laser’s industry leading safety program and FDA Certification.

  • PDF Spec Sheet
  • Over 350mW of full color laser power
  • X-Laser exclusive Cold Beam Technology© for safer laser light shows
  • 100+ static and dynamic patterns
  • Full X/Y axis control
  • “Liquid sky” and “blanking” effects
  • Auto mode, adjustable sound sensitivity, and DMX operation modes
  • Low power consumption (30 W)
  • Rugged type II anodized aluminum interlocking housing
  • X-Laser no-hassle warranty
  • Includes detailed user information, beam blocks, the X-Laser IIIB user DVD with laser resources, safety materials, and more


Due to the high power of this laser, an EZ Variance Kit is required to operate. When purchasing, don’t forget to add EZ Variance Kit to your order.


Product Requires a Laser Light Show Variance

FDA Variance Reminder: It can take anywhere between six and eight weeks for your FDA Variance application to be approved. Please ensure you either have the appropriate amount of time to submit your information prior to your rental period, or have an FDA-varianced operator working with you on your production


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