Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile

VL2600 Rental

The VL2600 PROFILE offers a broader choice of saturated colors while maintaining the familiar Vari-Lite color palette from the CMY color system with variable CTO adjustment. Effects features include Iris, two gobo wheels, one fixed color wheel, prism and variable frost. Compact, lightweight, fast and accurate, the VL2600 PROFILE is engineered to be easy to use, prep and maintain.

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Product Description

Product Features
  • Lower power consumption – approx. 820W (550W LED engine)
  • High output – 19,000 lumens
  • Flat, even beam
  • Full wipe framing shutter
  • Color mixing – CMY + variable CTO
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Good color rendering –  CRI 81 | TM30 Rf/80Rg/94
  • High color temperature – 7200 CCT
  • High contrast ratio
  • Wide zoom range – 7° to <48°
  • Fixed color wheel (7+ open)

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