VL10 Beam Wash Rental

The Vari-Lite VL10 BEAMWASH packs class-leading power, dynamics and personality into a compact, fast-moving body. Producing 28,000 lumens and weighing just 33kg, it’s brighter, lighter and more versatile than any comparable fixture.

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Product Description


A suite of dynamic effects offers endless creative possibilities, from
the dual overlaying prisms to the aperture wheel, rotating gobo
wheel and stunning aerial effects from the exclusive new VL*FX
wheel. An internal frost can soften effects, while a heavy frost lens
creates a strong, even wash. VL’s enhanced CYM system and fixed
color wheel offer designers a full palette, from the subtlest hues to
the deepest reds and blue

Product Features

Exclusive new Philips 25R Platinum 550W lamp
• The brightest fixture in its class 28,000 lumen of output (640,000 lux @ 10m [33ft])
• Wide zoom range – 2.2° to 48°
• Narrowest beam reduction 0.7°
• Large impact stage presence from a 180mm front lens, a look only usually associated
with much larger fixtures
• Ultra compact – 704 x 501 x 320mm – 33kg (28 x 20 x 13in – 73lb)
• Feature loaded for mid-air effects, 4 beam reduction + 8 beams shapes fixed
apertures gobos + 8 fully rotating gobos
• Exclusive VL*FX animation wheel system, that creates dynamic new projected and
mid-air effect
• Dual overlay prism system
• Image softening, variable 1° frost
• Wash mode
• Endless color options, CYM color mixing + fixed color wheel
• Ready to tour, ships complete with foam shell insert

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