Techmaster 12/24 2-Scene Control Board

The TechMaster 12/24 is configured for 12-channel 2-scene operation or 24-channel single-scene operation with the flip of a switch. Its modular system architecture allows for consoles that can be configured multiples of 12 channels in two-scene mode and 24-channels in single scene mode.

Product Description

The TechMaster is a family of super simple two scene preset DMX lighting control consoles. The modular system can be configured for 12 to 144 or more channels. All Techmasters can be conventional two-scene with two rows of sliders (X&Y) and split crossfades. An added feature is the “hold and fade” mode which offers a virtual second scene while in the single scene mode doubling the number of control channels. All TechMasters come with grandmaster, blackout switch, XY crossfaders, and chase special effects controls.

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