String of Lights/Festoon Lighting

String of Lights provide a warm, inviting ambient glow for inside and outside events.  Commonly found in weddings and outside events. These are strung along poles, stands, walls a more.  Simple to set-up.

Product Description

Rental Options

  • Offered in 2′ and 4′ socket span.
  • Lengths vary – call for more information
  • Optional 25watt and 11watt lamps



The recommended maximum run per circuit for the 330′ light string is approximately 1,250 Watts (10 Amps).  This means that for a continuous length of light string, the maximum wattage running through should be 1,250 Watts or less; if possible, reduce the max run to 1,100 Watts or below. For example: for a 100 foot length, since there are 50 sockets, recommended maximum wattage per socket would be 25 Watts per socket (1,250W ÷ 50 sockets).  Please refer to the maximum run chart below:


Maximum Run Chart:

 Wattage of Light Bulb Max # of Sockets Linear Feet Equivalent (2 ft. between sockets)
 11W 113 226
 25W 50 100
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