Strand GSX 125 Channel Console

Compact and versatile hardware platform for use with Genius™ operating software, and optional Kaleidoscope™ and Communiqué™  application software. The Operating Software package chosen sets the capacity of the system in increments from 25 channels to a maximum of 125 channels. With two playbacks, 24 submasters, LCD display and integral 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Supplied with power supply. Future expansion of capacity or functions (through application software) is designed into the system through the purchase of upgrade packs or additional application software. See also LBX console which has a similar specification to GSX, but provides additional two presets of software configurable manual faders.

Note: This console requires a monitor.

Product Description

Product Features
  • Compact lighting hardware platform with a choice of software packages
  • Designed for smaller scale entertainment lighting and presentations
  • Economical entry level console with channel number and feature upgrade paths
  • Two proportional patches
  • Integrated 3.5″ disk drive and separate VGA colour monitor
  • Comprehensive control surface including command panel, two independent playbacks, wheel, LCD display and 24 submasters
  • Strand’s Genius™ operating software provides an intuitive user interface and a foundation environment for controlling up to 512 DMX dimmers or scrollers using  125 channels
  • Optional Kaleidoscope™ application software expands Genius to include advanced effects and intelligent colour scroller control
  • Optional Communiqué™ application software expands Genius to include industry-standard communications protocols such as MIDI
  • Show Control, MIDI Backup, DMX input, RS232 ASCII remote control, remote submasters and macros
  • Software updates or new operating packages can be added using integral floppy disk drive

Manufacturer Info

Rental Pricing

Daily Rate$65
Weekly Rate$195
Long Term RatesCall for Pricing
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