Strand Fresnels

Lens luminaire with a soft edged variable beam that blends easily with others for even, controlled area illumination.

Product Description

Fixture Options
Strand 3″ Mizar Fresnel200w
Strand 3″ Mizar Fresnel300w
Strand Bambino Fresnel500w
Strand 5″ Bambino Fresnel650w
Strand 5″ Bambino Fresnel1000w
Strand 5″ Polaris Bambino Fresnel1000w
Strand 6″ Polaris Bambino Model 260 Fresnel1000w
Strand 6″ Fresnelite1000w
Strand 6″ Lens Castor Bambino Fresnel2000w
Strand 10″ Castor Fresnel2000w
Strand 10″ Lens Strand Bambino Fresnel5000w


Options Include
  • Mounting gear suited for stands, floor, or hanging
  • Edison or Stage Pin connections
  • Color frame


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