Strand 300 Series 24/48 w/Software

Strand 300 Series Console with 24/48 lighting control board with control surface, CPU, submasters and VGA output.

Product Description

Product Features
  • Manual/Memory Desks offer traditional preset fader operation plus memory
  • Up to 48 faders with bump buttons
  • 24 fully overlapping submasters
  • Modular construction for fully flexible layout. Modules may be arranged to meet any control room layout or operator requirements
  • Unique folding design for easy storage
  • Backlit keypads for ease of operation
  • Powerful Pentium class processors provide performance and reliability
  • ShowNet Ethernet functionality optional on all models
  • Full support for automated lighting using Trackball mouse
  • Compatible with 500 series consoles
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Single scene or two scene presets
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