Strand 250ML Console

This is the perfect desk to introduce you to the world of intelligent fixture control. Built for entry level operation and small to medium sized theatres, the Strand Lighting 250ML console gives you a simple interface, great features.

Product Description

It merges the world of conventional dimmer/channel control using traditional Command Line operation with an easy to use interface for attributed fixtures using a color LCD screen that has soft keys and attribute encoders. Strand Lighting’s 250ML console can control 250 channels for dimmers and 30 automated luminaires for Moving Lights and LEDs. Your looks can be stored as either Submasters for easy access or Cues for traditional theatre playback.  With the 250ML console’s extensive and editable fixture library, you’ll never be without the tools you need to control your lighting rig.
Product Features
  • 250 Intensity Channels
  • 30 Automated Luminaires
  • 2 DMX Ports with 1,024 Outputs
  • 1 DMX In Port
  • Integrated Moving Light Control with LCD Screen, 10 Softkeys and 4 Encoders
  • 24 Submasters with 24 Pages
  • 999 Cues
  • Faders can be either Submasters, Playbacks, or Effects
  • Cue Playback with A/B Faders and Load/GO buttons
  • DMX512A (RDM)
  • MIDI In/Thru
  • VGA output
  • Intuitive Effects Engine
  • Traditional Command Line Entry
  • Multi-color Bump Buttons
  • Front panel USB port for showfile storage
  • Rear USB port for desk lamp
  • CE marked (Power Supply is ETL/UL)
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