Smoke Factory – Scotty II Handheld Fog Machine

The Scotty II is a compact mobile fog machine. The microprocessor controlled fog machine is operated with a maintenance-free 12 V lead-acid battery. The device operates according to the vaporizing principle, which means that a glycol-based fluid is evaporated and condenses to fog when leaving the fog nozzle. The Scotty II works
energy-efficient and heats only during the fog process.

Size:22.3in x 10in x 21in (LxWxH)
Weight:5.6 lbs
Product Specification
Scotty II Manual

Product Description

  • Small one-handed control
  • 400-watt Battery powered 12v/12Ah
  • No preheating required, ready in one second
  • Adjustable output: 10 minutes permanent fog or 150 burst at 5 seconds.
  • Analog and DMX Input Options
  • Fluid container holds 250 ml of glycol based fluid
  • One battery charge is good for 100 fog burst of 4-5 seconds or continuous 10 minute.
  • Compact and easy to carry

Rental Pricing

Daily Rate$35
Weekly Rate$105
Long Term RatesCall for Pricing
Additional Information12.50 fluid charge per pint
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