Rosco Digital Shooter Litepad Kit AX 5600K Led

Rosco’s LitePad is a groundbreaking LED light source for videographers, photographers and filmmakers who need a small, lightweight unit with a variety of mounting options that can light areas where standard light sources simply won’t fit.

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Product Description

The Digital Shooters Kit AX was developed for any image capture professional that needs a total lighting package that’s mobile and easy to set up. The kit contains six LitePads, including three 12″x12″ Axiom 90 units, and all of the light stands and other light-control and power accessories needed to create a full three point lighting setup. Contained in a compact, durable, roller-case – the Digital Shooters Kit makes lighting small locations a breeze. No more large, heavy conventional lighting kits – the Digital Shooters Kit AX is the only lighting kit you’ll ever need.


Kit Contents – LitePad Digital Shooters Kit AX
QTYDescriptionItem Number
1LitePad HO90 3” Circle290900030000
1LitePad Axiom 90 3”x6”290A03060000
1LitePad Axiom 90 3”x12 “290A03120000
3LitePad Axiom 90 12”x12”290A12120000
1LitePad 1 Amp Transformer290635010120
3LitePad 3 Amp Transformer – w/ IEC Cable290635030120
1LitePad Car Adapter290636000000
2LitePad Y Splitter Cable290637000000
3Right Angle 10′ Ext. Cable290637510000
1LitePad – 4 Way Spider Cable290637300000
1LitePad AA Battery Holder With DC Cord290636510812
1LitePad 4-Pin Adapter Cable290637700012
1Eggcrate – 3” X 6”29065RAW0306
1Eggcrate – 3” X 12”29065RAW0312
3Eggcrate – 12” X 12”29065RAW1212
20LitePad Eggcrate Clip29065000CLIP
1Litepad 3” Mounting Bracket290639000003
51/4 – 20 Baby ( 5/8 ) Pin290639101420
2LitePad Single Fader Dimmer290640000012
1Digital Shooters Litepad Case290638600000
1Color Filter Pack 3×3290603030KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 3”x6”290603061KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 3”x12”290603121KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 12”x12”290612121KIT
3LightPad Light Stand290661049089
3Litepad Swivel Arm290661581420
1Swatchbook Cinegel 1.5” X 3.25”950SBCNG0103
1LitePad Anton/Bauer Adapter Cable290637900012
5LitePad Axiom 1/4 – 20 Bracket290639011420

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Rental Pricing

Daily Rate$85
Weekly Rate$255
Long Term RatesCall for Pricing
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