Rosco Digital Shooter Litepad Kit AX 5600K Led

Rosco’s LitePad is a groundbreaking LED light source for videographers, photographers and filmmakers who need a small, lightweight unit with a variety of mounting options that can light areas where standard light sources simply won’t fit.

Product Description

The Digital Shooters Kit AX was developed for any image capture professional that needs a total lighting package that’s mobile and easy to set up. The kit contains six LitePads, including three 12″x12″ Axiom 90 units, and all of the light stands and other light-control and power accessories needed to create a full three point lighting setup. Contained in a compact, durable, roller-case – the Digital Shooters Kit makes lighting small locations a breeze. No more large, heavy conventional lighting kits – the Digital Shooters Kit AX is the only lighting kit you’ll ever need.


Kit Contents – LitePad Digital Shooters Kit AX
QTYDescriptionItem Number
1LitePad HO90 3” Circle290900030000
1LitePad Axiom 90 3”x6”290A03060000
1LitePad Axiom 90 3”x12 “290A03120000
3LitePad Axiom 90 12”x12”290A12120000
1LitePad 1 Amp Transformer290635010120
3LitePad 3 Amp Transformer – w/ IEC Cable290635030120
1LitePad Car Adapter290636000000
2LitePad Y Splitter Cable290637000000
3Right Angle 10′ Ext. Cable290637510000
1LitePad – 4 Way Spider Cable290637300000
1LitePad AA Battery Holder With DC Cord290636510812
1LitePad 4-Pin Adapter Cable290637700012
1Eggcrate – 3” X 6”29065RAW0306
1Eggcrate – 3” X 12”29065RAW0312
3Eggcrate – 12” X 12”29065RAW1212
20LitePad Eggcrate Clip29065000CLIP
1Litepad 3” Mounting Bracket290639000003
51/4 – 20 Baby ( 5/8 ) Pin290639101420
2LitePad Single Fader Dimmer290640000012
1Digital Shooters Litepad Case290638600000
1Color Filter Pack 3×3290603030KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 3”x6”290603061KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 3”x12”290603121KIT
130 mil Color Filter Pack 12”x12”290612121KIT
3LightPad Light Stand290661049089
3Litepad Swivel Arm290661581420
1Swatchbook Cinegel 1.5” X 3.25”950SBCNG0103
1LitePad Anton/Bauer Adapter Cable290637900012
5LitePad Axiom 1/4 – 20 Bracket290639011420
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