Phoebus Ultra Arc II

The Ultra Arc Series II followspot from Phoebus Manufacturing brings a standard of efficiency and operational simplicity to the entertainment industry. Featuring the bright and efficient Osram HTI lamp and a specially designed dichroic reflector the Series II provides maximum output and field flatness. The HTI has a rated life of 250 hours at a constant color temperature of 5600° Kelvin. Designed for throws from 100 feet to 300 feet the Series II lens system optimizes lamp output. The combination of coated optics and precision relay lens system makes the Series II a competitor with other followspots using 1000W – 2000W discharge lamps. The solid-state electronic ballast draws less than 8 amps and operates on standard 120 volt 50/60 Hz AC power. Affordability, quality construction and ease of handling insure that the Ultra Arc line of followspots will cover any application from the smallest schools, clubs, and churches to full-scale entertainment facilities.

Product Description

  • throws from 100-300 feet
  • 4:1 zoom range
  • draws less than 8 amps
  • 250 hour lamp life
  • dowser, iris and clipper
  • Built-in, six-color automatic color changer
  • Steep 70° downward tilt and 60° upward tilt
  • Full 360° horizontal sweep
  • Double fan cooling
  • Superb lumen maintenance
  • Hour meter
  • Lightweight aluminum housing, bulkheads and components
  • Rigid steel chassis
  • Built-in solid-state ballast
  • Sturdy 4-point collapsible base
  • Quiet and cool running
  • Easy to transport – easy to operate – easy to afford
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