Parcan 16, 46, 64

The Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, or PAR, is usually a sealed beam lamp that throws light like the headlight of a car. The lamp housing, the CAN, simply holds the lamp, the color filter, and optionally a barndoor. The parcan produces a powerfully intense punch of light which is typically used as a color wash. Theatrically, the most common size is the PAR 64, where the number represents the size of the instrument. The PAR ranges in size from the PAR 11 to the PAR 64 and the spread of the beam is determined by the PAR lamp: wide, medium, narrow, or very narrow.

Product Description

Fixture Options
Par 64500 / 1000W
Par 64 – Stubby500 / 1000 W
Par 46200 W
Par 16 – Birdie100 W
Options Include
  • Mounting gear suited for stands, floor, or hanging
  • Narrow, medium or wide lenses for most Parcans.
  • Lamp wattage option for most Parcans.
  • Color frame
  • Edison or stage pin connection


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