Lupolux LED Fresnel 6″ 110watt Daylight

The DAYLED 1000 are the revolutionary LED illuminators Fresnel lens with high color rendering and high luminous efficiency. The DAYLED illuminators 1000 are powerful and versatile.
Powered by a Powerled of just consumption of 110W generate a light output of about 1000W. The precise mechanism by Fresnel lens capability that allows you to control the light beam from spot to flood to adjust to the different shooting needs.

Product Description

The DAYLED 1000, thanks to the unique LED technology COB “True colors”, have a perfect color rendition and are free from dominant. This important and exclusive feature allows you to avoid interventions in post-production and allows for proper mixing with other light sources (such as solar).

The light intensity of DAYLED 1000 can be adjusted by the local dimmer, place on board the illuminator or remotely using DMX control. Setting manual, on the illuminator built-in digital display shows the level of light intensity at which the illuminator is set.

The light weight (just 3.5 kg), along with the ability to be powered with battery, makes them particularly suitable, as well as use in video and TV studios, to outdoor use (interviews, productions etc.).

Technical data:

– 110W COB LED technology with ‘True colors’  high color rendering index CRI> 94 high values of TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) between 92 and 97
– Fresnel lens: 150 mm
– Color Temperature: 5600 ° K or 3200 ° K
– Light Output: approximately 1000W
– Ultra lightweight, compact and handy (carbon fiber material, only 3.5 kg of weight)
– Dimensions: 210x260x230 mm
– Battery operation or mains
– Absolute absence of heat emitted
– Dimmable continuously from 0 to 100% without variation of color temperature
– Flicker Free Technology
– LED temperature sensor.
– Integrated DMX control.
– Instant restrike.
– Ribs: 4 rotating including
– Long life of the LEDs

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