GAM Stik Up Light 100w w/Pins & Extension Arms

Stik-up™ is a small, durable incandescent luminaire weighing only 4 ounces. Ultra light wire frame construction allows you to mount it where you need it-in any position by almost any means. Tape it to a stand, camera dolly, scenery or furniture. Hang it by picture wire, stick it up with gaffer tape, alligator clip, even a clothespin! Snap-on arms for color filters or diffusion materials.

Product Description

  • Go anywhere in the world with the GAM Stik•Up™ Kit
  • Small (3″ x 3″ x 4″), and lightweight (9 oz. with power cord)
  • Operates at 120, 230 or 12 volts – AC or DC
  • 100W, 3000 Kelvin source ideal for fill light
  • 100 thru 200 watt lamps to choose from
  • It’s a soft-light, key-light, back-light, fill-light, all in one
  • Can be battery operated with 12V lamp
  • Plug into car lighter socket
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