GAM Flickermaster Spe-6

The Flickermaster allows you to modify the dimming controls to orchestrate lighting effects with a max load of 2000-watts (not HMI or Fluorescents).  Create a random or specific flicker effect to simulate lighting pattern such as light from a television screen, lighting, candle light, roaring fire.  Unit includes 8” and input/output Edison pigtails.

Product Description

  • Choose an effect anywhere between a random flicker, and strobe.
  • The rugged aluminum housing has a recessed control panel and knobs for protection during transport and storage.
  • Rugged construction, runs cool
  • Power in/out pigtails are 8″ long #12/SJO wire with machined aluminum strain relief housings.
  • Unit rests on 0.5″ x 1″ diameter molded rubber legs.
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