DMX Splitter 5-Pin (1 input/3 output)

The DMX splitter allows connection of DMX receivers (dimmers, color changers, moving lights, etc.) in a star configuration as opposed to a daisy chain configuration. In a star configuration, each control cable is run to a central point, in this case the splitter. In a daisy chain configuration all the devices are connected on one control cable, the output of one feeding the input of the next. It is not good practice to simply split a DMX control cable using a “wye” cable as this can cause signal corruption due to reflections. Typical uses of the splitter include splitting the control signal between stage right and stage left dimmers, running an isolated split to a string of color changers, splitting and isolating a feed to a wall outlet for temporary or rented dimmers, isolating a stack of dimmer packs from each other, etc.

Product Description

Common uses for the Splitter/Amplifier include:
  • Boosting the signal level on long control runs (greater than 500 feet)
  • Splitting the signal to multiple dimmer locations
  • Splitting the signal between dimmers and other DMX devices (color changers, moving lights, etc.)
  • Isolating two or three dimmer packs from each other.
  • Input circuit: EIA-485 receiver with 120 ohm termination resistor between +Data and -Data (Units with feed through connectors do not have internal termination)
  • Input signal: 0.2 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
  • Output circuit: EIA-485 driver
  • Connectors: Gold plated 5 pin Neutrik D-1 Series (3 pin connectors, terminal blocks, or RJ45 optional)
  • Feed through: A non-isolated feed through connector is standard on the eleven output model and is optional on the one, three, and five output models.
  • Isolation: 2500 volt optical coupler, 1500 volt split bobbin transformer
  • Power input: 100 – 120 volts, 50/60 hertz, 12 watts (208 – 240 volt optional
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