DMX Splitter 5-Pin (1 input/6 output)

DMX rules require daisy chain style wiring with no breaks, stars, tees or unterminated ends. When this is not practical, a DMX Repeater can be used to properly distribute DMX to dimmers, scrollers or other devices in a star configuration. DMX Repeater can also used to electrically isolate DMX sources from controlled devices. Similarly, DMX Isolator can be used to permit a star configuration for consoles or other DMX sources.

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Product Description

  • Opto splitter with 1 input & 6 outputs
  • Self-resetting data link fuses
  • DMX direct pass-thru connector and termination switch
  •  2500V Opto-isolation
  •  250V fault protection on all inputs and outputs
  •  Bi-directional capability for IPS & Wybron talkback

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