The DMXCAT is like the Swiss Army Knife of state lighting solutions. This versatile tool provides seven apps that integrate with your Android or IPhone, as well a smaller hardware to control and communicate issues relating to DMX and/or RDM enabled fixtures, DMX wiring interruptions, Dip Switch conversions, Wi-Fi interference, and light meter measurement.

Product Description

Olden Lighting now offers City Theatrical’s highly regarded DMXCAT multifunction tool for both purchase and rent: lighting technicians, operators, and managers can now easily manage and determine lighting controls and issues relating to lighting fixtures.

Using Google Play or IPhone Appstore, users can download the DMXCAT app onto their phone and quickly access the seven apps: the Bluetooth technology allows you to access the DMXCAT apps up to 35’ away, and comes with a 5-Pin connector to connect with your DMX to allow testing and control of equipment.

Seven Apps for the DMCAT Quick Summary

  1. DMX Controller – Allows you the ability to control your channels in two methods similar to a lighting console, (1) a simple slider or (2) a numeric based interface found on a full size board.
  2. Fixture Controller – This app can be used as a set-up and test tool for a large selection of light fixtures. Users can assign addresses to fixtures, select, modify profiles, and control the interface.
  3. Dip Switch Calculator – This allows users to convert numeric value to their binary equivalent.
  4. DMX Tester – Users can analyze DMX lines to identify intermittent problems with data network.
  5. RDM Controller – Users can control RDM enabled devices.
  6. Lightmeter – Ability to measure light to adjust levels for film and video.
  7. RF Spectrum – Users can identify WI-FI communication/interruption issues. This allows you to identify other WI-FI networks operating in the same vicinity that may be interfering with transmission.

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