City Theatrical Projector Dowser

Projector Dowser is a DMX 512 controlled mechanical dowser for use with digital projectors. The Projector Dowser changes “video black” to a real blackout by positioning a large flag in front of the projectorʼs lens.

Product Description

  • A large flag is adjustable on the motor shaft to allow the Dowser to be placed above, below, or to either side of the projector.
  • Travel of the flag is DMX adjustable within a range of 90 degrees. (Full 90 degree travel takes under one second at full speed.)
  • Connects via industry standard DMX/accessory power 4 Pin XLR cables.
  • Compatible with CTI # 2199 Power Supply, or Wybron Forerunner™, Chroma Q™, Rainbow™, Spectra Q™ and Rosco PS™ power supplies.
  • Dry closure control input for operation without DMX provides local manual control, or connection to a show controller.
    LED status indication
  • Uses a single DMX channel, addressable as any DMX value from 1 to 512. Addressing is controlled by a standard array of three 10 digit BCD switches, configured as 100s, 10s, and 1s

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