Break-In Soca to Male Edison

Provides power to a 8-circuit LSC19 connector from 8 Edison plugs.

Product Description




  • Rating: 15 Amp, 125 VAC
  • Maximum when used with 50% diversity of load (in accordance with table NEC 520-44).
  • Male Connectors: (8) NEMA 5-15, 15 Amp Edison plugs
  • Cable Gauge: 12/3 SJOW-A
  • Female Connector: LSC19-LFC-36

Features & Benefits

  • Cables feature Lex Products’ exclusive LSC19 8-circuit lighting connectors with 12 interlocking keys to help prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housing
  • Helps eliminate broken conductors and loose or damaged ground rings
  • Prevents misalignment of male and female circuit conductors
  • Machined aluminum LSC19 housing with hard black anodized finish provides enhanced durability
  • Silver plated brass contacts for high conductivity
  • Jr. Hard service cord is flexible and compact
  • All black construction blends into scenery and is ideal for stage or studio lighting applications
  • Available with a variety of NEMA, Edison or stage pin connectors

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