Studio Lighting Consultation & Services

Televised productions are in numerous industries: news broadcasts, religious services, educational facilities, governmental agencies, and online video productions, to name a few. As diverse as all these different types of production are, lighting plays a critical role in all by providing appropriate ambiance, and enhancing the desired mood. To accomplish the appropriate lighting effect, the right combination of accurate lighting composition, specific color-temperature, integration of cross-generational technology, data controls, and power stability is a must to have the right balance.

For over 30 years, Olden Lighting has enhanced new and existing studios in lighting consultation, design, installation and effective tools needed for broadcast lighting. We have adapted established studios with more efficient lighting management and constructed new lighting systems from the ground up. Our expertise is proven by our work on prominent productions such as PBS’s Austin City Limits, University of Texas ceremonies (such as graduations and student orientations), Longhorn Network sports events (UT pre and post home-football games), Bravo’s Watch What’s Happening Live-Live from Austin, David Chappelle Live From the Moody Theatre and more.

Olden Lighting’s in-depth knowledge of broadcast technology secures our clients the capability to deliver their message and maintain their vision. We deliver solutions for studio fixture positions, lighting control systems, data controls, and power distribution systems. We recommend solutions based on the proven merits of technology from leading lighting manufacturers: ETC, Strand Lighting, Chauvet, Vari-lite, Brightline just to name a few.

Studio Services Include

  • Lighting Consultation and Design of Studio Facilities
  • Additions, Modification, and Enhancements to Broadcast Facilities
  • Quotation and Commissioning of Studio Lighting 
  • Purchasing Studio Lighting & Components
  • Technical Assistance and Warranty Support for Studio Lighting 
  • Studio Lighting Maintenance Services and Supplies

Lighting Hands-On Training & Programming


If you’ve bought new lighting equipment (such as a lighting console), chances are that you received a cumbersome manual that provides you with the framework of how to work your new equipment. It’s also likely that once you’ve trudged through that manual, you find yourself flustered because getting to your specific programming needs seems all-consuming and insurmountable. Not only does Olden Lighting provide sales in equipment, but we can also train you how to work and program your equipment that tailors specifically to your needs. We help demonstrate in simple terms how your lighting components work together, so getting you set up for production is quick and painless.  

Lighting Training Include 

  • Console Training on Specified Lighting Consoles
  • ETC systems and Maintenance Programming 
  • Strand Systems Maintenance and Programming

Lighting Equipment & Programming Repair

If you lighting equipment is malfunctioning, Olden Lighting can assist on the repairs of lighting equipment.  If you purchased your equipment directly from us, we can facilitate both warranty and non-warranty repair services.   Additionally, we offer in-house services for equipment familiar to our skills and abilities.  

If you finding you are having issues troubleshooting your lighting system, Olden Lighting can provide onsite assistance to discover where the problem lies and resolve this as quickly as possible. 

 Common Stage & Studio Lighting Equipment Repair

  • ETC Equipment and System Repair
  • Strand Equipment and System Repair
  • Vendor related warranty and non-warranty equipment
  • Repair of Stage and Studio Light Fixtures